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1096R Radio Controlled Secondary Controls

£1,250.00 £1,500.00 inc VAT

This innovative unit can be easily installed on both the right or left hand side of the steering wheel.

1096XL Bluetooth Secondary Controls

£1,250.00 £1,500.00 inc VAT

The Sticksteer 1096 XL a solution that offers a modern ergonomic design and feel for the end user. It comes complete with an easy to use USB Charger and uses Modern Radio Transmission via Bluetooth.

2004/EL Tetraplegic Accelerator and Brake

The device has been specifically designed, to allow those people with reduced strength/Grip and/or limited movement of an upper limb, to manually operate the accelerator and the service brake.

2015A Trigger Throttle

£1,650.00 £1,980.00 inc VAT

On the brake lever, there is a lever for the electronic control of the accelerator. Pulling the lever towards the lever gradually acts on a potentiometer housed inside the handle and consequently, the accelerator is controlled.

916R Ghost Electronic Under Ring Accelerator

£1,450.00 £1,740.00 inc VAT

The Ghost is a unique and innovative design, it is the world’s first rotating electronic Accelerator, fully tested and approved it gives a whole new meaning to the word driving

942 Automatic Servo Clutch

The 942 device, tested for several years also in the automotive sports field where it has obtained excellent results, eliminates the use of the original pedal for clutch control.

A-Hatch Automatic Boot Opener

£1,773.00 £2,127.60 inc VAT

The A-Hatch converts a standard manual rear hatch into an automatic rear hatch.

America Lever

This Mechanical device enables people with a reduced mobility capacity to accelerate and brake in comfort and safety.

BAS Electric Hatch Boot Opener

£1,345.00 £1,614.00 inc VAT

The BAS Electric Hatch Opener opens and closes your boot by simply pressing a button. This smart aftermarket system provides additional security and value to your vehicle.

BAS Push Pull Hand Controls

£637.00£1,540.00 £764.40 inc VAT

If you are unable to use the foot pedals in your vehicle, then the new BAS Push/Pull Brake/Accelerator is the ideal adaptation for you!

Boot Hoist Service

£35.00 £42.00 inc VAT 1 day

You can relax knowing that your product is in safe hands while being serviced by us.

Brig-Ayd 40kg 2 Way Hoist

£800.00 £960.00 inc VAT

The 40kg 2 Way Hoist is reliable and compact; it can be used to lift small motorised scooters and manual wheelchairs of up to 40 kg.