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Brig-Ayd 40kg 2 Way Hoist

£800.00 £960.00 inc VAT

The 40kg 2 Way Hoist is reliable and compact; it can be used to lift small motorised scooters and manual wheelchairs of up to 40 kg.

Brig-Ayd 70kg 2 Way Boot Hoist

£850.00 £1,020.00 inc VAT

This hoist is a simple unit that enables loading and unloading of wheelchairs and scooters weighing up to 70kg from a vehicle to which it is fitted.

Brig-Ayd 80kg-150kg Evotech 4 Way Hoist

£1,200.00£1,375.00 £1,440.00 inc VAT

These boot hoists are powered by the vehicles’ battery and have the capability to lift from 80 up to 150 kilos. They can be fitted into estate, multi-purpose family and 4 x 4 vehicles.

Carolift 40 Universal 2 Way Boot Hoist

£1,139.00 £1,366.80 inc VAT

The jointed hoist arm of the Carolift 40 makes the wheelchair easy to manoeuvre through narrow openings while still retaining the ability to reach beyond wide bumpers.

Carolift 6900 Telescopic Boot Hoist

£3,315.00 £3,978.00 inc VAT

The Carolift 6900 is a telescopic wheelchair hoist with powered lift and swivel for loads up to 181 kg.

Chair Topper Wheelchair Roof Top Box

£4,439.00 £5,326.80 inc VAT

Load, transport and retrieve your folding frame wheelchair using a roof top box. Simple, convenient and space saving. Think of it as a valet service for your wheelchair. When you get seated in your car, the Chair Topper will take care of your wheelchair for you.

Loadmaster 150kg Winch

This Loadmaster 150kg Winch comes with a wireless handheld remote control and a wireless keyring remote for easy operation.

Person Lift (Handilift)

£2,695.00 £3,234.00 inc VAT

This Person Lift (Handilift) is an electromechanical lifting arm that has the function to facilitate the transfer of the passenger from their wheelchair to the original vehicle seat.

Person Lift For Rear Seats

£2,495.00 £2,994.00 inc VAT

This Person Hoist (Rear Seating Positions) is a lifting device designed to transfer a person weighing up to 110kg from a wheelchair/scooter to a vehicle in a rear seating position.

Platform Joey Lift

£3,911.00 £4,693.20 inc VAT

Drive onto the platform, step off and push a button on the remote control. Your mobility device will now be lifted into the vehicle and safely stowed until needed. It’s as simple as that.

QLK-150 wheelchair docking system

QLK-150 wheelchair docking system is the next step in independent wheelchair securement (also known as powered lockdowns or tie-downs). It is the perfect solution for those looking to drive their own vehicle or want to quickly secure their own wheelchair using a single point system.

Smart Lifter LC Compact Hoist

£1,290.00£1,345.00 £1,548.00 inc VAT

The Smart Lifter LC range is the medium size out of our three hoists, lifting up to 100kg of weight, with both 80kg and 100kg hoist options.