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2004/EL Tetraplegic Accelerator and Brake

The device has been specifically designed, to allow those people with reduced strength/Grip and/or limited movement of an upper limb, to manually operate the accelerator and the service brake.

2015A Trigger Throttle

£1,650.00 £1,980.00 inc VAT

On the brake lever, there is a lever for the electronic control of the accelerator. Pulling the lever towards the lever gradually acts on a potentiometer housed inside the handle and consequently, the accelerator is controlled.

916R Ghost Electronic Under Ring Accelerator

£1,450.00 £1,740.00 inc VAT

The Ghost is a unique and innovative design, it is the world’s first rotating electronic Accelerator, fully tested and approved it gives a whole new meaning to the word driving

America Lever

This Mechanical device enables people with a reduced mobility capacity to accelerate and brake in comfort and safety.

D906ELC The Hand held Pen – Satellite Accelerator With Mechanical Brake

£1,625.00 £1,950.00 inc VAT

This slim-line device is easy to hold and easy to use, the T feature slots neatly between your fingers and allows you to maintain your grip on the steering wheel.

D906GV Electronic Over Ring

£1,500.00 £1,800.00 inc VAT

This solution is mounted directly over the original steering wheel, meaning you maintain that normal driving position “both hands on the steering wheel in the 10 to 10 position”.

D916GV Electronic Under Ring Accelerator

£1,450.00 £1,740.00 inc VAT

As with the 906 this device “feels familiar” meaning that you maintain your normal driving position “both hands on the steering wheel”

Kivi CT12 Slider Control

£1,662.00£2,485.00 £1,994.40 inc VAT

The Kivi CT12 Slider Control transfers acceleration and brake from the pedals to the wheel, and makes them manual.

Kivi K5 Under Wheel Accelerator

£1,506.00 £1,807.20 inc VAT

The Kivi K5 Under Wheel can be used in cars with an automatic transmission or automatic clutch by drivers with lack of mobility to the lower limbs.

Kivi KO Wireless Control

£1,581.00 £1,897.20 inc VAT

The new Kivi KO Wireless Control gas ring over the wheel offers totally improved technology and is easy to use and fit.

Kivi LT12 Slider Hand Control

£1,708.00 £2,049.60 inc VAT

The new Kivi LT12 Slider Vertical Hand Control enables people with disabilities to both legs and possibly to one or both arms to drive safely.

Kivi R12 Radial Accelerator

Kivi R12 Radial Accelerator transfers the accelerator control from the pedal to the hand control, by making it manual, allowing drivers with partial or complete lack of functionality to lower limbs able to drive.